"The Premiere" at Viña del Mar!

fila20 filmes is proud to announce that our film The Premiere (El estreno) will be screened at the 27th Festival Internacional de Cine de Viña del Mar, the most prestigious film event in Chile.

This awarded movie, directed by Ana A. Alpízar and starred by Yazmín Gómez and Alicia Hechavarría, has been selected for the Cuban cinema focus programmed by this year’s event, and will be shown next Friday 4th at 9:30 pm in CINE ARTE (Plaza Vergara 142, Viña del Mar, Chile).

So far, The Premiere has been screened in Argentina, Guadeloupe, India, Spain, USA, and Cuba, where Yazmín Gómez received Best Actress recognitions from Muestra Joven and the CARICATO Awards.

Congratulations to the cast & crew of the film and to all of our colleagues representing Cuban cinema at Viña del Mar!