"Yunaisy" at Festival Internacional de Cine Gáldar

fila20 filmes’ multi-awarded short film Yunaisy had «great reception from the audience» during its screening today at Festival Internacional de Cine Gáldar (in the Spanish island of Gran Canaria), according to the event’s Executive Director, Heber Martín.

Directed by Juan Pablo Daranas Molina, co-written by himself and Ana A. Alpízar and with black and white cinematography by Alejandro Menéndez, the movie tells the story of a young filmmaker (Ernesto del Cañal) who faces censorship in his own producer (Waldo Franco), and was recently awarded Best Fiction Short at The Americas Film Festival of New York.

Already selected by more than twenty festivals all over the world, Yunaisy's next stop will be at Arlington International Film Festival (United States), from October 15th to 22nd.

Once again, fila20 filmes wants to congratulate the cast & crew of the film for their amazing job!