"Yunaisy" wins Best Short Fiction Film at The Americas Film Festival of New York

fila20 filmes' production Yunaisy has won the Best Fiction Short award at The Americas Film Festival of New York!

«I am honored to have been part of the Jury team along with filmmaker Ron Kopp and writer Kevin Canfield. (...) Juan Pablo had us from the first to the last frame», said actress and jury president Gy Mirano.

«Here is our justification for the award...

Giddy after a meeting with a wealthy European backer, Carlos is a young Cuban documentarian poised on the brink of almost unimaginable success, with the promise of a scholarship in Switzerland. He's brought back down to earth when his producer insists that he eliminate a politically dangerous scene from his current work-in-progress—the same scene Carlos believes is the most important thing he’s ever done. As the clock ticks down in real time, Daranas’ handheld camera follows the ensuing crisis in a single shot, down hallways, in and out of suites and elevators. Whatever Carlos decides, the film’s abrupt and luminous ending leaves us no doubt that a truthful cinema can change the world we live in.»

Very soon we'll publish some other great news about this movie. So far... congratulations to the entire cast & crew!